Starting in the spring semester of 2011, ESN Finland and DNA started a campaign to distribute free SIM cards to exchange students as soon as they arrive to Finland. DNA proves to be an attractive mobile telephone operator for exchange students thanks to their low rates and the possibilty of using the phones abroad.

In the academic year 2014-2015, the participating sections are:

  • ESN Lapland
  • ESN OYY Oulu
  • ESN ISYY Joensuu
  • ESN KISA Kuopio
  • ESN Uni Turku
  • ESN IAC Turku
  • ESN Åbo Akademi
  • ESN INTO Tampere
  • ESN HYY Helsinki
  • ESN Jyväskylä
  • ESN Lappeenranta

If you will be an exchange student in any of the Universities wherever these sections are based, feel free to contact them asking for more details! You can find a list on the right-hand side of this webpage with all their contact details.