Do you want to join us in organising events? Become an active member! Every year about 13.500 volunteers - ESN actives of all the network countries - are working to make exchange better and to create a welcoming atmosphere for foreign students. 

You can become one of us! Just click on the name tag on the right. 


ESN active members

  • are volunteers running ESN Oulu operations
  • are learning by doing
  • are internationally minded and very mobile
  • are active and dynamic
  • are open-minded
  • are multilingual and communicative
  • are young European leaders

Advantages for active members:

  • possibility to manage projects
  • personal development
  • trainings and conferences
  • contact with international environment
  • practice foreign languages
  • ECTS credits granted by the uni (CONTACT YOUR TEACHERS)
  • easier entrance in the job market
  • influencing EU policy makers in area of education
  • new friends from around the world
  • fun events