You did not get a furnished room? These places offer affordable second hand furniture and household equipment. For delivery you must ask a friend with a car, call a taxi or rent out a van for a day with your friends. End of the list includes also clothing stores.


Työpaja Cykkeli

Good bikes under 100€ cost! 

Address: Paakakatu 2


Red Cross Kontti

Furniture, sports equipment, clothes, kitchen stuff, toys&games.

Address: Jääsalontie 12


Oulun kierrätyskeskus (Oulu city recycle center)

Furniture, sports equipment, computers, books, kitchen stuff

Address: Kurkelantie 2


Oulun löytötavarapalvelu (Oulu lost & found service)

Furniture, clothes, basically anything people have left in places. Good stuff.

Address: Paakakatu 2


YTYÄ ry rakennustarvikkeiden kierrätystalo (Building equipment recycle)

Furniture, freezers, toilet sinks, washing machines, doors, windows…:D

Address: Tukkitie 2


Kirppis Aarrearkku (Flea market Treasure)

Furniture, clothing etc

Address: Patteritie 7



Furniture, clothing, electronics, anything sold by private people.

Address: Tapsitie 5 (online market place for private people)

Anything for anyone!


Oulu Sale Point (facebook group for selling and buying in English)

Anything for anyone!

Buy a car!


Finnish second hand group in facebook

Anything for anyone who knows Finnish :D


SA-INT (Finnish military left over stuff)

Great and cheap, functional clothing and equipment for surviving the winter or any time of the year. Check this especially if you are about to go hiking or trekking!

Address: Alasintie 3-7 B 11


Oulun suurkirppis (Oulu Grand Flea Market)

An event organised once or twice a year. The biggest flea market in Northern Finland! Private people come here to sell anything.


Second Hand Store

Mainly clothing, sold by private people.

Address: Isokatu 8



Mainly clothing, sold by private people.

Address: Paljetie 12


Pelastusarmeija (Salvation Army)

Mainly clothing but sometimes also other stuff.


Ratamotie 22, 90580 Oulu

Limingantie 5, 90400 Oulu

Sammonkatu 14, 90570 Oulu


Second Top Boutique

Second hand clothing, filtered for the better brands.

Address: Linnankatu 13